Civilian Ride-along Program

Citizens of Fort Smith are encouraged to ride with a patrol officer in order to get a better idea of how officers work in the field.  These ride-a-long instances are strongly suggested for those interested in police work, a member of the Citizen's Police Academy, or a member of Leadership Fort Smith.  Any person who wishes to ride with an officer must download and complete the waiver located below. 

Ride Waiver Form (must complete both pages in its entirety)

The form must then be taken to the Information Desk at the police department at least 72 hours prior to the date you wish to ride.  A background check will then be conducted to determine your eligibility to ride with an officer.  If you are ineligible you will be notified.

You are only allowed to ride with a patrol officer once every year, unless you are a current or previous member of the Citizen's Police Academy or Leadership Fort Smith.  Arrive at the police station no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the shift and check in with the Information Desk. If you arrive during the hours in which the desk is closed, utilize the phone in the lobby to check in.  Any sworn officer with the Fort Smith Police Department reserves the right to cancel the ride for any reason.

For additional information contact the Information Desk at (479) 709-5000