Our goal is to educate Fort Smith residents of all ages how the 911 system in our city operates when it is appropriate to use, what sort of information the call-taker will need to get from the caller, and how the calls are prioritized for dispatch.


Our main objective is for the residents and 911 operators to work more cohesively, ultimately streamlining both the call taking process as well as response times to higher priority calls. With a more educated populace; the city will receive fewer non-emergency calls on the emergency lines, citizens will know what sort of questions will be asked and will have the answers ready, and they will know what kind of response to expect (including response time).


To set up a visit from Ali Cat and the 911 Education team, please contact Sgt. Harris with FSPD Community Relations at 479-709-5149 or email communityrelations@fortsmithpd.org



How You Can Foster 911 Education at Home

  • Remind children that 911 is to be used only in an emergency and is not a toy.
  • Unplug a landline telephone from the wall jack and have your child practice dialing 911. You may also do this with a toy cell phone or a real cell phone with the battery taken out.
  • Act out scenarios where mommy or daddy cannot come to the telephone but need help. Have a third party act as the 911 operator.
    • Practice Answering the following questions:
      • 911, where is your emergency?
      • What is your name?
      • What is your address?
      • What is your telephone number?

Remind the child not to hang up the telephone until told to do so by the 911 operator.